DJ Ryan Simmons

“If You're Going To Do Something Tonight That You'll Be Sorry For Tomorrow Morning, Sleep Late”

Ryan is a balanced DJ, a little bit of this and a little bit of that (Ryan has a love for both hip-hop and country music, for example). Ryan prides himself on being a devoted father to his son Austin. Being a single father, Ryan spends as much time as he can with his son.

When Ryan isn't with his son or welding, he loves to moonlight as a DJ. Ryan is a weekend warrior on the ready for any event that requires a good DJ.

Ryan is very laid back and easy to work with. Ryan is also a die-hard Bears fan (but please don't hold that against him!). Ryan is very good at listening to your needs, he's great with the kids and he really knows when to turn your party up a notch at just the right time.

The Story of Why I DJ

"Well, I love to see people happy. What a great gig. I get to have fun with music, food and fun plus I get paid. Sign me up! I get to play cool songs like YMCA, Cupid Shuffle, Pour Some Sugar, Shook Me All Night Long and California Love.

I was a DJ for another company for eight years before coming aboard with Madison Mobile DJ Service. I've learned so much since my arrival, and I want to continue to make people happy while balancing my work and family life. I've found a home at Madison Mobile DJ Service that allows me the flexibility to pursue that."

More About Ryan

Ryan is at ease on a golf course, fishing or camping. Ryan loves Friday night fish fry during the summer.

Day Job
Ryan is a man's man, working as a welder five days a week in Monroe, WI.

Associations with Fame
Growing up as a kid in Platteville, Ryan was Bo Ryan's Neighbor (yes, THAT Bo Ryan). Ryan's other claim to fame is his striking resemblance to Aaron Rodgers (yes Mr. discount double-check himself).

Discount Packages Available!

We offer Discount Packages for Military, EMT, Police, Fire Fighter, Nursing, Teacher & Student starting at $1495.00 and going up from there based on needs & expectations