DJ Scott Siewert

“Yes, I'm crazy. Normal is boring for me!”

Scott Siewert is one of a kind, endless energy & passion. He puts his heart & soul into his craft. Scott is a true entertainer. I look up to scott as a mentor because he really cares about his quality. Scott is always trying to get better. I once won a bet with the owners of a Banquet hall. I told them if he wasn't the best DJ they've ever seen I'd buy them a case of beer. If he was they would have to buy me a case of beer. Well you can guess the answer. When I saw the two owners a week later I didn't even say a word before this statement came out of there mouths. "What kind of beer did you want?" We lose. Wow he was incredible best we've ever had. That make me feel good, check that....great! Thank you Scott
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We offer Discount Packages for Military, EMT, Police, Fire Fighter, Nursing, Teacher & Student starting at $1495.00 and going up from there based on needs & expectations