DJ Tim Williams

“I'm One Of Those People Who Thinks You Can Have A Happy Life And Still Be An Artist”

Tim Williams is living his dream, doing what he loves to do.

Tim works a loaded DJing schedule. Tim consistently performs in front of college students, night clubs and has even performed several times in Chicago at The House of Blues.

Tim has experience and the ability to cover almost any music genre. Tim has mastered DJing EDM, Techno, R&B, Funk, Hip-Hop, Dub Step and Trap. Tim has the ability to open for Bone Thugs in Harmony on a Friday, DJ a wedding for 300 on a Saturday and then turn around and DJ a EDM set in front of 700 on a Sunday night.

Tim is super-easy to work with, a great listener and loves helping animals in need (Tim has many animals he helps care for). When Tim's not DJing, he's spending time with all of his pets.

The Story of Why I DJ

The power of music is so true. It has the ability to invoke emotion and change people for good. I can't imagine doing anything else other then DJing. It's my calling in life. We all can feel the music speaking to us. I just hear it loud and clear.

More About Tim

Tim was born in Green Bay and grew up in Lafayette, Indiana. Tim has a big family: Mom, dad, sister, nephew, niece, niece with two kids, a wife, three dogs and two cats.

What Makes Tim a Good DJ?
Multitasking, strong knowledge of music and able to make quick decisions.

Favorite Things to Do
Tim loves hiking in areas visited for the first time. When Tim comes to Madison, The Old Fashion restaurant is a must on his to-do list.

Favorite Songs
"What a Wonderful World" (Louis Armstrong), "Ain't No Mountain High Enough" (Marvin Gaye), "ABC" (Jackson 5), "Kiss" (Prince) and "Superstition" (Stevie Wonder).

Favorite Movie
Tim is a big fan of Star Wars.

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