DJ Travis Seibert

“If God Is Watching Us, The Least We Can Do Is Be Entertaining”

Travis absolutely loves DJing and helping make an impact on people's lives. Travis is considered to be one of the best wedding DJs in Wisconsin and the numbers back that up: Travis has performed over 600 weddings, hundreds of ceremonies and well over one-thousand events. Travis has 23 years of expert skills and knowledge.

The great thing about Travis is that he truly cares about all his clients. Always looking to exceed expectations no matter how big or small the party is. That's what sets Travis apart from the rest of the pack.

The Story Behind Madison Mobile DJs

Even though Travis has experienced great success within the broadcasting industry, he always felt he wanted to take on the challenge of creating a mobile DJ company that could relay his passion for what he does. The first thing that came to his mind was "Less Worries... More Dancing" (giving the client more then what they paid for by providing great value and professionalism).

Travis had attended the International College of Broadcasting where he later transitioned to a sportscasting career working for ESPN, Fox, Sporting News and CBS Radio. Travis also spent 15 years as a professional club DJ in Ohio, Iowa, Illinois and Wisconsin. Over the last ten years Travis has averaged 60 weddings a year while also holding positions with Verizon, U.S. Cellular, Great Wolf Lodge and Great Dane in management roles.

The Story of Why I DJ

The music moves me. I feel it and hear it. I love seeing the enjoyment and the power music has on others. They say math is universal, but so is humor and music, which I love (though I'll pass on the math stuff).

I started DJing because of the music, but fell in love with the satisfaction of a job well done. The trusting of one's wedding isn't for the faint of heart. I'm entrusted with never losing the focus of others. Why? Well, weddings are extra special. You only get one shot to get it right. I love the stress, as it pushes me to a level of heightened focus.

I always have great shows. I've always said when I have my first bad show it's time to stop. Well, I'm at 23 years and far, so good.

If anyone ever tells you that you can't do something for a living, don't listen to them. I'm proof that you can chase your dreams and help people along the way.

Travis At A Glance

Second Love
Travis's second love is golf and he plays new courses any chance he gets. Travis also loves to fish, camp, hike and cook.

Future Dreams
Travis someday wants to go back to school and study foreign language. Travis dreams of being able to speak German, Italian, Russian, Spanish and Mandarin.

Favorite Foods
Zuppa tuscana soup from the Olive Garden, Tatar tot casserole, hash browns and chicken strips with buffalo sauce and blue cheese.

Music Influences
Travis was strongly influenced via the Chicago house scene. DJs Bad Boy Bill, DJ Funk, Too Kool Chris and Hip Hop DJ Jam Master J all inspired through their talents.

Music Diversity
Travis plays music for all your guests at your party--its important to not forget anyone! Travis knows music from the crooners era straight through today's hottest top 40 and EDM and Hip-Hop.

Discount Packages Available!

We offer Discount Packages for Military, EMT, Police, Fire Fighter, Nursing, Teacher & Student starting at $1495.00 and going up from there based on needs & expectations