DJ Franco

Where did you grow up?
Queretaro, Mexico

Oddest request?

None that I recall

What makes a good dj?
Someone that makes happy his/her customers, makes people dance and djs correctly for the time of environment that is in the dance floor. Someone that is outgoing and takes request and takes advices. Someone that is openminded for any type of music. 

The Story of Why I DJ?

Back in Mexico I enjoyed going to the clubs/bars and have the opportunity to be backstage and saw how the djs played and I really like it. When I moved the Madison, I met a friend who taught me the basics. Since then (around 7 years ago) I bought my own equipment and I have been my own instructor, which I love.

What’s playing in your private collection?
New songs as Ginza, La Gozadera, Traidora, El Perdon, Watch out for this (Daddy Yankee)

What song could you sing in the shower?

Bears or Packers?

Teach me how to dougie or soldier boy?
Teach me how to dougie

Tu Pac or Biggie?
Tu Pac

Your top 80’s song?
I was born in 1985, so I’ not really fluent in the 80’s song.

Apple or Android?

Best show you’ve had? or favorite moment?
Best show was when I went to Mexico and played at a friends bar.

I wish?
World Peace

Favorite Color?
Red and Blue

Chicken or Beef?

What are you scared of?


What are some goals your still trying to accomplish?
Have my own business in Mexico (electronics, coffee shop, etc)

More About DJ Franco

What is your go-to song?
zskyfire- Shogun

Favorite slow song?

Romeo- Yo tambien
 & Yandel- Prometo Olvidarte

Give me 5 must plays at a wedding?

  • Silly Love
  • When we were young
  • A thousand years
  • Maybe this time
  • Crazy in love

Favorite movie?

I do not have a favorite movie, but i like scary movies.

Favorite Dj?


Cats or dogs fan of?



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