Sound Equipment

We strive to make sure our equipment is top quality and in good condition. Below are descriptions of some of the equipment we use in our events.


soundsystem-largeThe Bose L1 Personalized Amplification System

  • Projects clean, detailed sound evenly across the stage and throughout an audience of up to several hundred, with little change in tone or volume
  • Produces smooth, consistent tone, whether you're in front of the speaker or off to the side
  • Reduces much unwanted room reverberation
  • Eliminates conventional monitors, mixers and PA
  • Sets up and breaks down quickly
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The Cylindrical Radiator

L1Wide, uniform coverage throughout the room-- The innovative Cylindrical Radiator® loudspeaker has a line array of 24 small drivers mounted into a vertical enclosure for wide, horizontal sound coverage. In comparison to a conventional speaker, volume and tone diminish very slowly over distance.

B1 Base Module

B1bassThe Bose B1 Bass Module works seamlessly with the L1 Model I PA System to deliver the low-frequency impact you want through 2 high-output, high-excursion 6-1/2" drivers. It produces deep, strong bass for keyboards, kick drum, bass guitar, and other instruments that play in the baritone/bass range.

Shure SLX4 Wireless Receiver

shureThe Shure SLX4 wireless receiver is a breeze to use with Automatic Frequency Selection and Automatic Transmitter Setup. LX Wireless Systems feature Shure's patented Audio Reference Companding for crystal-clear sound beyond the limits of conventional wireless technology.

17 inch Apple Macbook Pro 2.2 i7 Quad Core

Change 3-217 inch MacBook Pro with new advanced processing power and graphics. New connectivity capabilities potentially speed large file transfers beyond any current connection.


Bi-Amplifier Woofer

Change 2Exclusive flexible array can be configured into four unique shapes ("Straight," "C," "J" or "Reverse J"), allowing the customer to choose the best possible coverage pattern for the application

Bi-amplified design with 2 high-output, Class-D amplifiers to separately power the FLEX array and 12-inch LF driver

Wide, consistent coverage from an 8-driver mid/high line array, with each driver mounted on a custom 100° waveguide

2 input channels with independent volume controls and Line Level/Mic switch on Channel 1

Strong, low-frequency output from a 12-inch high-performance woofer

Discount Packages Available!

We offer Discount Packages for Military, EMT, Police, Fire Fighter, Nursing, Teacher & Student starting at $1495.00 and going up from there based on needs & expectations